Travel To Burma

Just like any holiday, those who're preparing to happen to be Burma may be thinking ahead and anticipating the myriad delights until this incredible country has to offer. But getting excited about vacation isn't just about daydreaming; it's also important to know what that is expected, and the way to prepare accordingly. Understanding a little more about Burma's climate, its seasons, and what the conditions are as with some other part of the country can be tremendously helpful for those looking to acquire the best experience possible. It may inform everything from the option of when you should go, to the packing checklist - so continue reading on an overview and some practical advice.

The Climate: A summary

Positioned in Asia's tropical monsoon region, Burma is generally warm and sees lots of rainfall, although because diverse geography - particularly its differences in altitude - it's also a country of considerable regional variation in weather, and the climate felt by people who go to Burma is based partly on where each goes. There are three seasons: summer, from March to May; the rainy season, from June to September; and winter, from October to February. From the coastal regions, there may be heavy rainfall and more seasonal variation in temperature when compared to the central lowlands which stay hot and humid month in month out. The delta area of the River Ayeyarwady also receives abundant rainfall, and like high of the inside of the country, can be be extremely hot and humid in the rainy season. Meanwhile, the eastern and northern mountains also see abundant to heavy rainfall, and temperatures can drop suprisingly low at higher altitudes in the winter months months.

The Seasons: When you should Go

While exploring this beautiful country is enjoyable whenever you want of the year, the end results in the seasons do develop a different atmosphere. Some would prefer to happen to be Burma in the winter, particularly in January or February which can be the good and driest months, offering considerable relief inside interior - including Mandalay and Bagan - in the intense 30 - 45°c heat on the summer months; the wintertime is also generally sunny as a result of reduced cloudiness. However, you will discover circumstances to enjoy in most seasons: the lake and hill stations of Shan state are pleasant throughout the summer, and witnessing the drama of an tropical monsoon is usually a delight in itself - although option of regions is restricted through the heaviest periods of rainfall between July and September.


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