Best Diving sites in Philippines

Cebu Philippines, being an archipelago, hosts various diving scuba sites where exotic marine creatures live. The hawaiian islands near Cebu offer paradise to individuals who will be eager for basking in pristine water and feasting for the spectacles of nature. The best place is a living portrait on the opulent culture in the earlier Visayan generations. Tourists to Cebu can consider their trip well-accomplished should they have visited some of the 5 most popular spots below.

Cabilao Island
Perfectly found on the Visayan Sea relating to the neighboring islands of Bohol and Cebu, Cabilao Island is an ideal scuba and snorkeling area for beginners and experts alike. Diving can be done whenever they want of the year. Coral reefs surrounding this tropical isle can be a magnificent sight and what mainly attracts tourists to it. The three diving sites in Cabilao Island which might be worth the effort to find out are classified as the House reef where species of sea scorpion, tunas, barracudas, and seahorses are sheltered; the Sanctuary the industry protected underwater zone where groupers, wrasses and snappers undoubtedly are a familiar scene; as well as the Cambaquiz Slope where one can challenge you to ultimately get the masters of disguise such as the ghost pipefish, sea needles, and snails.

Mactan Island
Mactan is only a short distance from Cebu city and also the airport terminal. The most frequented deep-sea diving spots in Mactan Island are the Kontiki House Reef, the Marigondon Cave, and the Kasantik. However, diving is not the only thing that makes Mactan Island a magnet to tourists. Also you can see the Taoist Temple the spot that the teachings of Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse are preserved. The temple features 81 steps each representing a chapter in the Taoism scriptures. Upon reaching the most notable, it is possible to light joss sticks and have your fortune read. If you are a guitar enthusiast, you are able to visit Lapu-Lapu City and select from numerous guitars.

Malapascua Island
Malapascua is a tiny island positioned in Daanbantayan Municipality, Cebu Province. You are able to ride a ship to hop derived from one of hamlet to an alternative, or experience the many snorkeling sites there. A motorbike ride could make an excellent alternative, specifically if you would like to view the marvelous landscapes on land. By midday, it will be nice to obtain a taste of Filipino foods while still savoring the smell of sea aboard a floating bar. Among the popular scuba sites in Malapascua would be the Monad Shoal and that is a tropical beneath sea, and the only put in place the world that provides a view of thresher sharks, the Gato Island that functions as a sanctuary to various types of sea snakes, along with the Lapus Island that takes pride in harboring the most stunning coral reefs on the planet.

Moalboal Island
Moalboal is usually a small town on Cebu Island, south west of Cebu City, hailed for pristine beaches and diverse marine life. Tourists can explore the favorite Busay Cave plus the old churches in Boljoon, Dalaguete and Argao. Diving is the one other main attraction with which divers can see at close range hammerhead sharks and sardines. Among the most visited dive sites would be the Sunken Island, Kasai, and Plane Wreck.

Olango Island
Located five kilometres east of Mactan Island, the Olango Band of islands is composed of seven islands in the middle of reef-flat cove. For anyone who is having dreams about a sandy beach, rocky shoreline and lush mangroves, Mactan Island is the place being. Bird sanctuaries certainly are a talk in the mating season, as you move the fish sanctuaries really are a must see for divers. You are able to require a pump boat ride to roam areas, so dine on the floating restaurant in Caw-oy in which a wide selection of sea foods are served fresh and live.

Dive points at Olango Island are best appropriate experienced divers. At Mabini point, diving towards the depth of 35m provides for an encounter with hammerhead and whale sharks. Nevertheless there is almost no to view inside shallows, those diving at Baring are advised to descend about 30 m to stumble upon snappers, gray reef sharks, barracudas, and the like. For divers at Santa Rosa, they might be prepared to see soft corals, catfish, and sweetlips.


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