Explore New Zealand Glow Worm Caves

When travellers make their approach to New Zealand, they sometimes are overwhelmed using the sheer amount that there are to accomplish in the united states. Most international tourists get to Auckland - the biggest city in the united kingdom and you will find the Auckland International Airport, the bond for many overseas travellers. From there you could potentially go almost anywhere! Drive up north to travel to Whangarei and relax from the town for just a day, go to Lake Taupo and go skydiving or road trip down south and throughout the ferry south Island and everything that's to be had there.

The Glow Worm Caves

Many of the most interesting places in the united kingdom, particularly if you're planning a vacation in get nearby the New Zealand nature, bush and wildlife, would be the glow worm caves. Should you prefer a center point per portion of your trip, have you thought to stop off at these three caves and have a tour deep into the heart of Aotearoa - starting at Kawiti at the very top from the North Island.


The Kawiti Caves provide you the opportunity to explore a unique and exciting network of caverns and glow worms as much as you will observe. You can be guided through in excess of 200 metres of underground caves and three main glow worm displays. The best guide won't take you on a tour from the caves, but throughout the history and the lifecycle of the glow worms that inhabit it. Tours last 40 minutes and depart every half hour between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Te Anau

Below the lake and on the shores of Lake Te Anau, this underground network of limestone caves is definitely an absolute must-visit. At the bottom of the united states in Fiordland National Park, checking out the Te Anau usually comes at the conclusion of your trip. Rediscovered in 1948, the caves were explored for 3 years by Lawson Burrows who became absolutely interested by what he found. An exhibition with the glow worm caves takes approximately a couple of hours which is made for every age group.


The Waitomo Caves have ended 250m in length and they are renowned for incredible acoustics. You'll journey via a deep limestone shaft while your best guide has an informative history of the cave network. A boat ride through Glowworm Grotto, an underground river, is the highlight of your holiday to the Waitomo Caves. Sail under the light of 1000s of glow worms before you make on your path to the entrance.


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